Strength Training

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Build Muscle and Tone Your Body with Strength Training at Acworth Gym

The team at the Georgia Fitness gym in Acworth understands the importance of incorporating strength training into any exercise routine. Developing muscle strength and tone not only improves your fitness levels, it can also improve your posture, tone and sculpt your body, and enhance your weight loss efforts.

Strength training
No matter whether you’re aiming to create long, lean muscle tone or build muscle strength, you’ll find all the training equipment you need to get the results you want.

Some of the strength training equipment available includes incline/decline benches, free weights, dumbbells, Smith machines, squat racks, leg press, cable machines, and more.

Functional training
Get a whole body workout with our functional training equipment. Functional training is so versatile you can customize your workout to suit your individual goals.

You’ll find equipment that includes trampolines, jump ropes, medicine balls and BOSU balls, combat/resistant bands, punching bags, yoga balls, kettlebells, and more in our functional training zones.

Challenge yourself with different combinations or difficulty levels, or just change up your workout routine to explore the results you can achieve.

Come into the fitness center for free and try out our range of strength training equipment. You’ll understand why we’re the best gym in Acworth!