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Dance Yourself Fit with High Energy Zumba Classes At Our Acworth Gym

Zumba dance fitness classes make working out fun!

Zumba is a high energy group fitness class that feels more like a dance party than a workout. Led by experienced instructors, each Zumba class features motivating Latin-inspired beats that dare you to dance.

Throughout each class, you’re taught some basic dance steps. As you master each step, you’ll build on what you’ve already learned until you’re dancing and grooving an entire routine.

Our focus at the Georgia Fitness gym in Acworth is to ensure that all of our members have all of the equipment, machinery and facilities they need to achieve their fitness goals. Adding a Zumba class into your exercise routine not only gives you a great workout, but it’s also great fun.

Come into the Acworth gym for free and try a Zumba class. You’ll be glad you did!