Small Group Training

Boost Your Fitness Results with Small Group Training

When you come into the Georgia Fitness gym in Acworth, you expect to see results that propel you towards achieving your personal fitness goals. That’s why we offer small group training sessions for our members.

Small group training combines the individualized instruction and attention of a personal trainer with the energy of a small group.

You have the advantage of one-on-one attention to ensure you’re working out with correct form and technique to maximize your workout. You also have the added motivation and incentive to keep up with the pace of the small group around you.

The result is that you always see consistent results for your workout efforts. Your personal trainer also has the advantage of being able to adjust and amend your workout intensity to ensure you don’t get bogged down in a plateau, so you still get to realize results.

If you’re keen to see the difference working out in a small group training class can make, come into the Acworth gym for free and try one for yourself. You’ll be surprised by what you’re able to achieve.