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Pro Shop Health and Nutrition

Coming into the Georgia Fitness gym in Buford is the ideal way to work on your fitness goals. Yet exercise is only a part of the total health equation.

Proper nutrition should play an integral role in your fitness plan, providing your body with the correct fuel and hydration it needs to function at its best both before and after you work out.

The Pro Shop within the Buford gym provides our members with a healthy range of pre- and post-workout beverages. You’ll also find plenty of healthy snacks, protein bars and supplements to choose from that could help give your body the right fuel it needs to enhance your workout efforts.

Whether your goal is to improve your health and fitness, build muscle tone, or lose a few extra pounds, the Pro Shop has the nutrition solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Come into the Buford gym and check out what the Pro Shop has to offers. There’s a great reason why our members call us the best gym in Buford