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Strength Training

& Functional Training

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Step Up the Intensity with Strength Training at the Buford Gym

At the Georgia Fitness gym in Buford you’ll find all the strength training equipment you need to get the workout you want.

Strength Training

Depending on the strength training exercises you do, it’s possible to create long, lean muscle tone or build muscle strength or even create muscle bulk. The key to achieving the results you want is to use the correct strength training equipment and exercises to suit your goals.

Our Buford gym gives you access to a range of strength training equipment, including free weights, incline and decline benches, Smith machines, squat racks, life fitness machines, hacksquat machine, hammer strength, leg press, and cable machines.

Functional Training

Functional training is designed to build the core muscles in your abdomen and back, as well as improving mobility using a range of different equipment pieces. The objective of functional training is to develop various exercises that help you perform activities in your daily life more easily.

Some of the functional training equipment you’ll find in our Buford health club includes trampolines, jump ropes, medicine balls and BOSU balls, combat/resistant bands, punching bags, yoga balls, and kettlebells.

No matter what your fitness goals might, you’ll find the right equipment you need to see consistent results for your efforts. You can tailor your exercise routine to suit your personal needs or take your workout up to the next level.

Come into the fitness center for free and check out our strength training zones for yourself and see why our members consider us the best gym in Buford!