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Get Your Heartrate Pumping in a Cycling Class at the Buford Gym

If you’re ready to take your cardio workout to the next level, come into the Georgia Fitness gym in Buford and join in with a high energy cycling class. You’ll get your heart rate pumping and your circulation flowing as you pedal along to the energizing music.

The Buford gym offers a dedicated studio specifically for our cycling classes, so you’re sure to find an available cycle whenever you come in to work out. When everyone’s ready to start the class, your instructor turns off the lights and switches up the music so you’re ready to ride.

There are several different cycling classes to explore, so you can choose one that builds your stamina and endurance, or join in with a class that focuses on burning calories and getting your heartrate up. There are also classes that focus on working out the muscles in your lower body so you tone and tighten at the same time as getting the cardio workout you want.

Each class is led by an experienced instructor, who sets the pace to ensure everyone gets a great cardio workout.

If you’re not sure which of our group cycling classes is right for your fitness goals, come into the best gym in Buford for free and see how they can benefit your workout efforts.