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Strength Training

and Functional Training

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Get Ripped with Strength Training

Our gym in Sugar Hill has all of the equipment you’ll need for total strength and functional training workouts. Our free weight section has a variety of dumbbells that range from 5 – 150lbs. Take advantage of our Smith machines, incline/decline benches, and squat racks to really get the burn going. We also provide plate- and pin- loaded Hammer Strength equipment. Leg presses and hacksquat machines can further help you build the kind of muscles you want to see.

Functional training teaches your muscles to function as a strong unit, especially for everyday strenuous activities like lifting, bending, pulling, and squatting. Georgia Fitness offers various tools such as trampolines, jump ropes, BOSU balls, punching bags, and kettle bells up to 130lbs. A personal trainer can help you get started on an effective workout.

Try us out for free. Set some time aside to start your workout and discover why we are the best gym in Sugar Hill!