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Improve Your Body and Mind through Yoga Classes at Sugar Hill Gym

Yoga is an exercise that not only works on your body but also on your mind. It is likened to the relaxing properties of meditation, allowing you to de-stress and relax while getting fit. At our Sugar hill gym, you will find two types of yoga group classes. Offered in a serene atmosphere, Gentle Yoga focuses on improving your flexibility and core strength.

Classic yoga class is a step above, with a broader approach and more dynamic movements. It strengthens your core and helps you to relax, all in a peaceful setting.

Whether you’re new to yoga and a bit unsure, or you’re a seasoned expert already skilled in the stretches, breathing, and poses, yoga is always a great way to unwind, find inner peace, and practice body awareness.

Try Georgia Fitness for free — sample a yoga class — and learn why we’re the best gym in Sugar Hill! Check out our class schedules to find a day/time that works for you.