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Stay Fit and Active with Senior Fitness at the Buford Gym

Get fit and stay fit at any age at the Georgia Fitness gym in Buford.

When you come into the Buford gym, you know you can work out with confidence, as everyone in the senior’s class is around the same age as you are!

Our senior fitness classes are designed specifically for older adults and include classes such s the Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit programs. Every class is led by a certified senior instructor who understands the best exercises to add that can keep you fit and healthy, no matter what your age.

Each class focuses on a gentle range of exercises that boost your fitness levels, increase your flexibility and mobility, enhance your balance, improve your core strength, and maintain a healthy weight.

Senior fitness classes extend for 1 hour and include a gentle warm-up and a cool-down at the end of the sessions to help minimize the risk of injuries.

If you’re not sure whether the senior fitness classes are right for your health and wellness needs, we invite you to come into the fitness center in Buford for free. You can try out one of the senior classes and see how it can benefit your fitness goals overall. Before long you’ll understand why our members consider us the best gym in Buford.