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Dance Your Way to Fitness with Zumba at the Buford Gym

Join with a Zumba class and dance your way to fitness.

Zumba is a high energy group fitness class that feels more like a dance party than an exercise class. Each class is set to motivating Latin-inspired music that dares you to shake your stuff.

Your experienced instructor will introduce you to some basic Latin dance steps, which then build until you’re grooving, wiggling and shaking your way through an entire routine.

Even if you aren’t confident with dance steps, the whole idea behind every Zumba class is to smile, enjoy moving to the music and just have fun.

Our goal at the Georgia Fitness gym in Buford is to be sure all our members have access to all the equipment, machinery and facilities they need to achieve their fitness goals. By adding a Zumba class into your regular exercise routine, you not only get a great cardio workout, but you also get to have some serious fun.

Come into the best gym in Buford for free and try a class today. Once you experience the fun and energy of a Zumba class for yourself, you’ll keep coming back for more.