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Small Group Training

Get Your Fitness Goals into Gear with Small Group Training at the Buford Gym

The team at Georgia Fitness gym in Buford knows how motivating working out in a group class can be. At the same time, we also understand that working with a personal trainer can provide the accountability you need to achieve your fitness goals.

That’s why we combined the best of both approaches in our small group training sessions. Small group training combines the individualized attention and instruction of personal training with the motivation and energy of working out in a small group.

Members in our Buford gym can take advantage of working out in a small group that provides motivation and incentive to keep up the pace.Yet you also have the advantage of individualized attention from your personal trainer to check that you’re exercising using correct form and technique to maximize your workout.

If you’re eager to achieve the fitness results you deserve, come into the Buford gym for free and try out a small group training session. You’ll be surprised by the results you can get.